Renovation of LRU Apron

In 2019, JEB surveys, engineering and laboratory teams participated to the renovation of the LRU Apron Project at Phnom Penh International Airport. The LRU apron consists of 12 parking area for class C planes such as A320 or B737. The team conducted all necessaries investigation in order to prepare design, develop the shop-drawings and guided the paving team to lay the 15,300Tonnes of Asphalt to the correct geometry and to the proper quality. The team was as well responsible of the marking and lighting stake out, to arrange the connection to the runway, as well as the setting out of the drainage.

Survey services for private owners

JEB is of course providing services for private owners and land developers, especially for topographic survey and soil investigation. Topographic Survey is then simply used to determine accurate project boundaries as well as for the drainage and utility connection and the Soil Investigation is used to determine foundation design. The team is especially careful to provide correct and detail information in accordance with the Client project.

Structural assessment and Survey of Phnom Penh Train Station

JEB surveys & engineering provided an architectural and a non destructive structural survey survey work for Phnom Penh train station. We provided to the architect, drawing including of the exact geometry of the building and all the necessary documentation to conduct an up to date structural analysis of the building and to prepare its renovation and refurbishment to commercial use,

Topographic Survey of Sihanoukville International Airport Airside

Since 2018, the team is constantly upgrading the topographic survey extend of the airside of Sihanoukville area. The site is particularly challenging, made of mangrove and marsh. The runway and apron were also part of this survey, with very high request in accuracy from the Client. JEB also participated to the re-affirmation of the airport boundaries, participating to preserve the site from land grabbing.

Civil Engineering design for residential and industrial parks

In 2019, JEB has provided design services for one Residential and one Industrial Park, including of the roads, earthworks and drainage system as well as all miscellaneous facilities like electricity, water supply and waste water. As those projects is still in their developments, the Clients have wish to remain anonymous (under NDA).

Soil Investigation for extension of Sihanouk International Airport runway

In 2018, JEB surveys & engineering to carry out geotechnical investigations for SCA Cambodia at the south west of the runway of Sihanoukville International Airport runway in order to prepare its 800m extension. The investigation included 1500m of ground soil investigated over 75 location either by CPTu or Borehole drilling and sampling.

Rural Improvement Program

Many employees of JEB Surveys and Engineering have participated to the Rural Improvement Program, a series of project implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development of the Kingdom of Cambodia from 2005 to 2018 with the support of the German Government. Services provided by our employees included the survey, design and construction supervision of rural roads, water crossing structures and markets.

Bathymetric and Topographic survey and hydrologic studies in Solomon Islands

JEB employees have worked together in 2017 with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development of the Solomon Islands to implement the topographic and bathymetric surveys and hydrologic studies needed to prepare road construction, bridges and wharf development on 6 different provinces of the low populated archipelago. Hydrologic studies are crucial for the long term sustainability of infrastructures in the islands, which are threaten by cyclones and other climatic problem.

Cambodian Railway Rehabilitation

Between 2010 and 2013, many employees of JEB participated to the Cambodian Railway Rehabilitation, 163km on the southern line from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, on the northern line from Sisophon to Poipet (48km) and Phnom Penh to Bat Deng (32km). The southern line railway is a 1m narrow gauge, single track line rehabilitated with concrete sleepers and the northern line was rehabilitated at low cost by keeping the existing steel sleepers. Jeremy was leading the 6 topographic surveyor teams, and follow the project through all the design, earthworks, structural works, track installation, tamping and as-built phases.

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