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ADB Project: 53261-001 | Cambodia: Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project

The Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project is a $1.23 million contract supporting the Government of Cambodia and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with the sustainable management of coastal and marine resources and the development of sustainable fisheries value chains in Cambodia’s four coastal provinces of Kampot, Kep, Koh Kong, and Sihanoukville.

JEB was contracted by Landell Mills to develop concept and detailed designs for six harbors and three fishery administration buildings. To do so, we collected situational data for all of the sites through:

  • Site Studies
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Soil Investigations
  • Structural Surveys

Following the surveys, we developed concept designs that fit the project and stakeholder needs. The designs were presented and approved. From there, the designs were developed into detailed designs with value engineering to ensure the cost does not exceed the established budget.

Sihanouk International Airport: Runway Extension

Cambodia's largest infrastructure project in 2020 took place following the geotechnical investigations we performed in 2018.

We upgraded Sihanoukville International Airport to have the ability to receive Class E aircraft with an 800-meter runway extension and structural reinforcement. JEB served as the survey contractor and participated in the construction management.

Design & Drawings:

  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Runway Reparations (reprofiling and overlay phase shop drawings)
  • Runway and Turnpad Extension
  • Civil Works (manholes, ducting, airfield lightings, etc.)

Construction Supervision & Management:

  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Runway Reparations
  • Runway and Turnpad Extension
  • Civil Works (manholes, ducting, airfield lightings, etc.)

Quality Testing & Supervision:

  • Ensuring the runway was built to the correct geometry
  • External laboratory testing to control asphalt quality as well as base and sub-base material compliance with technical requirements and regulations

Rural Improvement Program

The Rural Improvement Program was a series of projects aimed at restoring Cambodia's rural infrastructure. The program was implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development of the Kingdom of Cambodia from 2005 to 2018 with the support of the German Government.

Several JEB employees have participated in the projects, performing surveys, designing and supervising the construction of rural roads, water crossing structures, and markets.

Structural Works for Roof-Mounted Solar Panels for a Garment Factory

At the request of Total Energies Renewables Cambodia, JEB performed a structural assessment and provided the complete structural analysis of the roof and load bearing members of a garment factory located in Phnom Penh. The project objective was to determine if the factory structure had the capacity to support the additional load of roof-mounted solar panels.

Following the fieldwork and in-office analysis, it was determined that the factory required structural strengthening works in order to support the added load of roof-mounted solar panels. Structural strengthening design using steel structural tension rods along with a cost estimate were developed and accepted. PESTECH Cambodia then hired JEB to implement the structural reinforcement and strengthening.

752kW solar panels are now being installed on the roof of the factory. Once complete, the factory will begin reducing its carbon footprint utilizing renewable energy!

Prek Po Pump Station: Construction Management

Grundfos, the contractor for the Prek Po Pump Station (MOWRAM), requested JEB’s mechanical and electrical consulting services for the technical aspects of the project: validation, testing, commissioning and construction management.

Cambodian Railway Rehabilitation: Survey Work Management

Between 2010 and 2013, several JEB employees participated in the Cambodian Railway Rehabilitation Project: 163 kilometers on the southern line from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, 48 kilometers on the northern line from Sisophon to Poipet, and 32 kilometers from Phnom Penh to Bat Deng.

The southern line railway is a 1-meter narrow gauge, single-track line rehabilitated with concrete sleepers. The northern line was rehabilitated at a low cost by keeping the existing steel sleepers.

Jeremy lead six topographic surveyor teams and managed the project through all design, earthworks, structural works, track installation, tamping, and as-built phases.

Prek Dambang Riverbank: Design And Repair

A private property along the Mekong river in Prek Dambang was losing approximately 50 meters of land due to natural erosion. Jeb managed the entire project scope (surveys, analysis, design, and construction) to rehabilitate the riverbank through the use of geotextiles and earthworks such as toe protection, slope filling and protection, and galvanized gabions (14,122 m3 of stone, 6,403 m3 of geotextile, and 1,120 m3 of gabion). These protective measures minimized land losses and increased the owner’s property value.

Solomon Islands: Bathymetric, Topographic Surveying and Hydrological Studies

In 2017, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development of the Solomon Islands wanted to prepare for road and bridge construction as well as wharf development in six different provinces.

JEB teams performed topographic and bathymetric surveys as well as hydrologic studies. These studies are crucial for the long-term sustainability of island infrastructure which is often threatened by cyclones and other climatic problems.

Garment Factory Complex: Flood Protection Concept & Design

Cambodia's largest garment factory complex, employing over 15,000 people, had a habitual/recurring flooding issue every year.

In 2019, JEB performed a topographic survey to build storm and sanitation models. We identified critical bottlenecks in the drainage system after analyzing the models and using our local hydrological knowledge.

The client received two different solutions to solve the flooding issues: a quick and affordable short-term repair solution and a long-term storm drainage concept and design taking into account any future complex expansions.

Sihanouk International Airport Airside: Topographic Survey

Since 2018, JEB has been consistently upgrading the topographic knowledge of the Sihanoukville airside area. Cambodia Airports requested a high-accuracy topographic survey of the airside, runway, and apron. The site is made of mangrove and marsh making the surveys particularly challenging. A reaffirmation of the airport boundaries was also performed to protect the site from land grabbing.

Phnom Penh Train Station: Structural Assessment and Architectural Survey

Renovations are underway to return the Phnom Penh Train Station to commercial use. JEB performed an architectural survey and a non-destructive structural survey at the request of the project's architect. Complete drawings detailing the exact building geometry as well as an up-to-date structural analysis were delivered.

Mekong Riverbank Rehabilitation: Bathymetric Surveying, Civil Design, Construction

Properties along the Mekong River to the north of Phnom Penh are subject to substantial erosion and slope degradation. Several areas are losing up to ten meters of land every year.

JEB has provided bathymetric surveys and civil engineering design services for several properties. We have the capacity to produce protective and rehabilitative measures that minimize the effects of erosion.

Sihanouk International Airport: Soil Investigation for Runway Preparation

To prepare for the 800-meter extension of the Sihanoukville International Airport runway in 2018, JEB carried out geotechnical investigations. The investigations, performed in the southwestern area of the site, covered 1500 meters of ground soil with over 75 tested locations (by CPTu or borehole drilling and sampling).

J Trust Royal Bank: Structural Assessment and Monitoring

J Trust Royal Bank approached JEB to obtain a detailed structural assessment of one of their bank branches in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. To do so, we conducted a visual examination of the structure, bored concrete slabs in several locations, lab tested the extracted cores, and installed crackometers for periodic monitoring. A detailed structural drawing and analysis were provided.

Phnom Penh International Airport: LRU Apron Renovation

In 2019, JEB's survey, engineering, and laboratory teams participated in the renovation of the LRU Apron Project at Phnom Penh International Airport. The LRU Apron consists of 12 parking areas for Class C airplanes like the A320 or the B737.

The teams conducted all necessary surveys and investigations to prepare the designs and develop the shop-drawings. Then they guided the paving team to lay 15,300 tonnes of asphalt to the correct geometry and proper quality. The teams were also responsible for the marking and lighting stake out, the arrangements for connecting to the runway, and the setting of drainage.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF): Soil Investigation & Topographic Survey

The Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries was planning the design of a new governmental building in 2019.

JEB performed a topographic survey and soil investigation at the request of the project's architect, The Room Design Studio.

The project, funded by the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), was successfully completed under the scrutiny of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Private Ream Port: Feasibility, Design, And Supervision

JEB performed topographic, bathymetric, and aerial surveys to prepare a port feasibility study and concept design. The survey area consisted of an area of approximately 11 hectares partially on land and partially under water. From the survey data and analysis, detailed 2D and 3D drawings of the location were produced enabling the design of the clients personal port.

Residential & Industrial Parks: Civil Engineering Design

In 2019, JEB provided civil engineering design services for a residential and industrial park. This includes roads, earthworks, drainage systems, electricity and water supply, and wastewater management. As these projects are still under development, the Clients have requested to remain anonymous.

220 Hectare Plantation: Earthworks Design & Material Survey

In 2020, contractors on a 220-hectare plantation in the south of Cambodia needed soil and volume information to organize their work plans and make adjustments to the final land levels. A photogrammetric survey was performed to estimate the volume of soil needed while keeping costs down.

Total Energies Solar Panels at Sportex Factory: Structural Assessment

JEB conducted a structural assessment and analysis at the Sportex factory to determine if the structure had the capacity to support the load of solar panels. A strengthening design and cost estimate were created following the geometrical survey of roof frames and complete structural analysis of the roof and load bearing members.

94 Hectare Topographic And Aerial Survey

JEB performed a large topographic survey with a combination of traditional topographic surveying methods and drone photogrammetry. The work included the survey of the property boundary, a detailed survey of all areas within the boundary including several buildings, manmade reservoirs, and multiple natural features, and an aerial survey of the area to produce orthophotography of the site.

Takeo Safe Water Supply: Technical Support

Grundfos reached out to JEB for technical support on a warranty case concerning Takeo's local water supplier. Our M&E specialist, Robert-Jan, conducted an emergency investigation and reported back with solutions. JEB was hired to resolve the technical issues and to conduct testing to ensure the system was operational.

Private Kampot Port: Feasibility & Design

A private client tasked JEB with designing concepts for a private port to be located in Kampot, Cambodia. The port requirements were to store two large vessels under cover, out-of-water, and with the ability to be lifted, secured, and transported to another location. Before designing the port, JEB first conducted a topographic and bathymetric survey. Following the analysis, JEB designed and presented seven different concepts. The chosen design demonstrated the construction of a boathouse equipped with a gantry crane, boat ramp, and boat lifts, the boathouse being accessible via a concrete channel into the river and a private jetty for short term storage.

2030 Hectare Airborne LiDAR and Photogrammtric Survey

A private company approached Jeb to determine the amount of land to be flooded due to the construction of a nearby dam. An aerial lidar survey was performed as the land area was quite large. The survey required seven days to complete. The final result was the production of several detailed maps depicting the quantity of land at risk of flooding and the topography of the site.

Survey Services for Private Owners

JEB provides topographic survey and soil investigation services for private owners and land developers. Topographic surveys are used to determine accurate project boundaries as well as drainage and utility connections. Soil investigations are used to determine foundation designs. The team is especially careful to provide correct and detailed information as per the client's requirements.

Heineken Cambodia Group: Design of Biomass Boiler

In 2021, JEB was commandeered by BECIS Industrial Solution to provide the civil engineering design for a boiler to provide a sustainable source of energy to the brewery. JEB was responsible of the entire civil engineering design encompassing all surveys, topographic geotechnic and of the existing facilities, as well as the structural and MEP design in coordination with the boiler supplier VYNCKE, and the industrial architecture.

KMH Park: Infrastructure Study

In 2019, JEB was commandeered by Urbanland (ISI group) to prepare feasibility study to organize the drainage of the upcoming KMH park; a 56ha development located in Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh. JEB was hired to do an hydrological study and to asses how to reduce flood risk at Site, presenting earthwork and drainage concept.

Kep National Park: LiDAR and Photogrammetric Survey

This survey project took place in Kep National Park and was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment to determine the locations of trees based on specific criteria. Two remote sensing methods were employed for the survey of the densely vegetated hill, LiDAR and Photogrammetry.

Following the survey and data processing phases, we analyzed the spatial data to select trees based on the criteria and extracted other information such as tree canopy size and tree heights. The resulting topographic maps contained plan views, section views, contour lines, and tree and canopy color maps.

Sunwah Pearl Project: Survey Secondment and Geotechnical Investigation

We participated in the newest high-rise building development in Phnom Penh, The Sunwah Pearl.

A dilapidation survey of the surrounding area took place, ensuring all parties have documentation concerning the existing state of buildings. This type of survey provides all stakeholders with proof to minimize liability during construction in urban areas which often causes strong vibrations.

Following the dilapidation survey, we launched a geotechnical investigation using boreholes and laboratory testing. In addition, we provided the Contractor with survey secondment until the completion of the foundation phase of the project. One of our survey teams was embedded within the Contractor's team for six months to perform various checks and to set out locations for piling works.

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