Civil Works Design

Civil infrastructure refers to the basic structures and systems that keep society functioning. Meaning roads, bridges, drainage, waste, earthworks, utility supply, and more. Our specialists have designed many types of civil works for industrial, commercial and governmental entities.

  • Earthworks & Drainage
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Electricity, Water, Gas Supply and Telecom Networks
  • Sewerage Systems

Road Design

JEB has designed several kilometers of Cambodian roads. This includes rural, urban, and industrial roads, railways, as well as airport runways, and aprons.

Hydrology & Flood Protection Design

Drainage and flood protection is important when building in Cambodia. We provide expert advice to residential, industrial, and infrastructure developers by combining accurate survey data and in-depth knowledge of the meteorological and hydrological context. Our flood protection services begin with the initial concept design and finish after supervising the construction.