Feasibility Studies

Site Audits

JEB carries out site audits which involves meetings with governmental and commercial entities, data collection, aerial photography / survey, and analysis at proposed project locations. Site audits are used to collect field data to aid the decision-making process for project stakeholders. To perform this work, we require information concerning the potential structures in order to gather the correct data. This service can be performed discreetly.

  • Community / Land Use Plan and Investigation
  • Transportation Plan
  • Access to Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Evaluation of site proximity to Military, Sensitive Installations, Commercial / Residential Development, etc.
  • Availability of Emergency Services
  • Conservation Importance
  • Landscape / Visual Impact
  • Evaluation of Environmental and Hydrological Risk
  • Social Safeguards

SocioEconomic Studies

JEB carries out socioeconomic studies to provide clients with a base of information that serves as a benchmark for relevant project activities. Analyzing this data enables project management to make valuable decisions and establish priority areas of focus. Further, these studies quantify the impact of a project and enable the monitoring and assessment of project activities during implementation and after completion. Socioeconomic studies involve sending teams to gather social and economic data often from governmental entities (ministry, provincial offices, commune/village chiefs, etc.) and the local populations in project areas before, during, and after implementation.


We perform several types of ongoing monitoring:

Building settlement monitoring

Crack monitoring

Vibration monitoring