Topographic surveys

Using a total station, a DGPS, a scanner or a drone, Topographic survey is at the heart of all our activities.

  • Mapping Land
  • Measuring existing structures and infrastructures
  • Controlling the geometry of works done by Contractors

Existing Survey

First point to the preparation of a good design for architects and engineers, is the availability of accurate information about the existing site. JEB survey teams are providing exactly that.

Structural Assessment

JEB provide structural assessment of old building and existing construction for the purpose of modification and renovation, when the as-built drawings are no more available. The Team is using Sclerometer, Ultra sonic testing, magnetometer among others devices to determine concrete quality and reinforcement bar location.

Drone Survey and photogrammetry

With the help of a professional drone, a DGPS and the skills of its surveyors, JEB is able to produce photogrammetric survey of large area. Photogrammetric survey is especially practical to survey large or dangerous area at low cost such as a quarry or excavation work, although the accuracy is less than traditional surveying, it is consider suitable for volumetric calculation of stockpile and excavation.